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Mar 27, 2016  The African country with the strongest military power is Egypt. Its also the 10th country with the strongest military: 2017 Egypt Military Strength Here you can read about Egypts army. Then we have Algeria, which has the 25th most powerful military: 2017 Algeria Military Strength If youThe North Africa country of morocco boasts of a very formidable military. The army is about 175, 000 troops strong, In case of war, an additional force of 150, 000 Reservists and paramilitary forces, including 20, 000 regulars of the Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie and 30, 000 Auxiliary Forces come under the Ministry of Defense command. african country with strongest army

Mar 10, 2017  10 Most Powerful Militaries In Africa The Global Fire Power ranking (GFP) measures countries military strength and gives a power index number in order to compare them to other countries.

Which Country is Most Powerful in Africa. Egypt comes on the top of the list as the strongest country in Africa by its military power. Now we are going to discuss the most powerful countries with reference to the things that are making these nations more powerful than other African countries. African is a country with a strong military, that is trained and equipped mostly by France and Germany. They do possess strong ability to counter Jihadi threat, since the civil war that ravaged the country in the 80s between the Army and the Islamists.african country with strongest army Egypt is the strongest and most powerful nation in Africa. Egyptian military is the strongest among other countries in Africa because of the size of its armed forces. Egypt has 4, 767 tanks and 1, 100 aircraft. Its total naval strength is 237.

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South Africa possesses the 4th strongest military in Africa. The country has a total of 62, 082 active personnel and a modernized military technology reinforced with effective naval vessels and aircraft. Besides its active military, South Africa boasts of 17, 000 personnel who make up its military reserve. african country with strongest army 15 Countries With The Strongest Armies In The World. Vivian Achieng May 16, 2017 World. 12 Shares. Share On Facebook. fifteen countries have made our list of countries with the strongest army. 15. United States of America. It is the largest ground force in the Middle East and Africa, and the only African army to make it to this list Global Firepower (GFP) has ranked the African nations based on their military might. Here are the top 20 most powerful countries in Africa, with their Power Index (PwrIndx) score as of 2015. 20) Mozambique (PwrIndx: 4. 1026) Mozambique has 96 tanks and active frontline personnel of 11, 200. Jun 19, 2016 # africatop10 Ultimate list of Africas most powerful militaries The Global Fire Power ranking (GFP) measures countries military strength and For centuries, the African continent has been beset with fighting, political upheaval and oppression.