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2020-02-20 13:17

Life on the hedge jumps and portable cross country fences. 52 likes. We make and design bespoke portable cross country fences and unique show jumps.Portable cross country fences are ideal for all levels of competition and for all horses and riders. The offer versatility and can be used as a range of sites with very few constraints. However, it is essential that all portable fences are secured correctly and appropriately in order to reduce the safety risk. portable cross country fences

The cross country fences are constructed using coach screws bolts and are designed to be used both in an arena or a field. The fences can be supplied with stability pins if you wish to stake your fences

Our range of high quality, well constructed working hunter and portable cross country fences provide ideal economical training aids for schooling at home or for competition use. All our fences are hand made to order using pressure treated hard wood. Fences can be Great news! All British Riding Clubs have just been emailed the following: Dear BRC Chairperson and Secretary, Following some feedback we wanted to remind all clubs the importance of Checking Cross Country Fences and the securing of portable XC fences.portable cross country fences Portable X Country Fences can be made to any size the smallest we've made is 45 cms. All fences are priced at a jumping height of 85 cm& 240 cm long, but as with heights prices too can be adjusted. We are pleased to make fences to your specific requirements.

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The more portable, the better, Morgan says, estimating that over the last 15 years, 60 to 75 percent of the fences on most crosscountry courses are portable. Being able to move jumps allows you to get the lay of the land as you practice over them and adjust them if there is a problem. portable cross country fences Willis Brothers is a family business. For over 45 years they have specialised in building fixed and portable cross country jumps, steeplechase jumps and hurdle fences for the racing industry. The use of portable crosscountry fences had increased greatly in the last few years. There are many advantages to the course designer in deploying obstacles that can be used in many different locations, on a course and even at several event sites many miles apart. HorseShowJumps. co. uk offers an extensive range of and mobile crosscountry fences. These portable crosscountry fences include log pile walls, kennels, cottages, tiger traps, hay racks, corners, pheasant feeders and many more, which are all great training aids for schooling at home. Looking to change or update a cross country course for your event? Try our portable cross country jump service. Hiring a jump for the day of your competition is a fraction of the cost of buying new. You can hire 1 or 2 jumps or a whole course if needed. We take care of all the storage& maintenance of the fences when the competition is over.