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Country and language codes for hreflang tags COUNTRY CODE LANGUAGE CODE Afghanistan AF Afar aa land Islands AX Afrikaans afHreflang accepts values that define languages ISO 6391 and countries (ISO ). A language or a combination of language and region can be used as a value. A countryonly value is not allowed. The hreflang value has to follow the standard in order to be used by search engines. hreflang country codes

Google ISO Country& Language Codes for Href Lang& International SEO. by Geoff International, SEO. While international search is often ignored or on the back burner, its a big deal. Getting the right version of your site ranking in different countries can have a huge impact on SERP click through rates and inherently revenue.

CultureInfo and country codes are OS dependant, so to find if it is supported on your version of OS you can try the code snippet in one of the previous comments where I provide the method for listing Culture Codes and Country Codes. Hi all, We have newly launched a Chinese website for which I need to add hreflang codes in the code section of our English Website. As you know, it helps Google to understand which version of website we want to target for a particular region so that Google will display results from this version.hreflang country codes Jan 09, 2018# 4: Hreflang value to each country and language option. Hreflang value has a language code and a country code, which are separated by a hyphen; The language codes have ISO 6391 format, the country codes have ISO Alpha2 format; Hreflang value can be assigned only one time, and, in accordance with this,

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Hreflang country codes free

I covered how hreflang markup is to be used and what language and region codes are valid. Its a good, succinct list of valid codes. This page has more information because it includes the names of countries and languages that are represented by the various codes. hreflang country codes 250 rows List of Hreflang Country and Language Codes& Frequent Errors Posted on May 19, 2016 I have put together a list of codes (values) which you can use for creating Hreflang header attributes for your multilingual or multiregional website.