Backcountry skiing in the north cascades

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Washington Pass Backcountry Skiing. With the annual closure of the North Cascades Highway in the late fall due to heavy snowfalls, the season for backcountry skiing adventure starts and lasts well into April. The touring opportunities in this zone are plentiful, and superb by any measure. The terrain isBackcountry Yurt Trips. The North Barron yurt is just north of Harts' Pass and provides some incredible touring with all the creature comforts of a backcountry hut. The views of the North Cascades from this area are much different from those around Washington Pass and afford a unique perspective on many of the peaks in North Cascades National Park. backcountry skiing in the north cascades

May 22, 2014 Backcountry skiing North Cascades May 2014 on WA Rte 20. Original Soundtrack recorded live on location by Chris Park and Lizbeth Zimmerman.

Between the North Cascades, the Olympic Mountains, and the giant Cascade volcanoes in the south, Washington state has no shortage of captivating mountains. Folded among the state's alpine contours and topography are mountain basins and oldgrowth glades that are sure to pique the interest of the backcountry skier and split boarder. Guided Backcountry Skiing& Snowboarding in the Cascades Tour the backcountry around Table Mountain or Shuksan Arm, or climb Mt. Baker or Mt. Shuksan and make a classic ski descent. Complete a major multiday tour in the North Cascades on skis or split snowboard.backcountry skiing in the north cascades From the town of Marblemount on the North Cascades Highway, head up Cascade River Road [see map. The road may be open all the way to the Cascade Pass trailhead in the spring, but most often when theres enough snow for good skiing, the road is gated at Eldorado Creek, two miles from the trailhead.

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Ski Touring The Enchantments Central Washington Cascades. Blake Coudriet. The Enchantment Lake zone in the Central Washington Cascades is a high alpine playground for backpackers, climbers and mountain goats alike. backcountry skiing in the north cascades backcountry skiing in the north cascades with north cascades heli and north cascades mountain guides. How can the answer be improved? Overview. North Cascades National Park is a neverending backcountry skiers paradise. This is the backcountry to the backcountry, or as we like to say, deepcountry skiing. Between the Canadian border and Cascade Pass, there exists lifetimes of stunning and remote terrain. Heavy snowfall feeds an immense network of massive glaciers.