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Today, a smaller percentage of Americans are Christian than in the 19 th Century only 78. 3 of the entire country but considering that that the U. S. population exceeds 310, 380, 000 people, that's still an enormous number of Christians.Chart showing statistics on religious adherents of world religions and denominations by country, a large majority of Kenyans are Christian, but estimates for the percentage of the population that adheres to Islam or indigenous beliefs vary widely: Adherent Statistics of World Religions by Country. ReligionFacts. com. 26 Nov. 2016 christian percentage by country map

Most of the percentage of Christian population of each country was taken from the US State Department's International Religious Freedom Report, the CIA World Factbook, Joshua Project, Open doors, Pew Forum and Adherents. com.

Percentage population of Christians. Find more related info or create your own map in TargetMap. com. Christian Percentage. CREATE MAP. August 25, 2016. World Religion. church. GET IMAGE 2, 159 views. by Jordy. Comments. Percentage population of Christians. Percentage. Pop. Percentage Christian. No source defined Map showing relative importance of religion by country, based on a worldwide survey by Gallup. World religious map. Contents. Religions by country 2010. Africa. List of countries or territories by Religions in Africa; Central Africa. Country Population Christian Islam Irreligion Hindu Buddhist Folk religion Other religion Jewish Popchristian percentage by country map A 2015 study estimates 6, 968, 500 Christian believers from a Muslim background in Asia, while about 483, 500 Christian believers from a Muslim background in the Middle East, most of them belonging to some form of Protestantism. Percentage and number of Christians per Asian country or territory

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Our Christian Earth: The astounding reach of the worlds largest religion, in charts and maps respectively. Here's a map of regional Christian populations. sevenineight chance that he christian percentage by country map Religion Christianity Percent Christian: Countries Compared Map Interesting observations about Religion Christianity Percent Christian Greece has ranked in the top 2 for christianity percent christian since 2009. Countries with the Highest Christian Population ( of Total Population). This refers to anyone who professes to be Christian. It is no indicator of the degree of commitment or theological orthodoxy.